Sourcing truckload capacity can be a real nightmare for shippers.

It takes a lot of time making multiple phone calls to carriers, searching for the right equipment and drivers in the right place at the right time, and ensuring your selected trucker has the proper operating authorities and safety ratings – not to mention finding a fair, affordable price. Well, the good news is you have an experienced Minic Logistics team that is ready to help – from planning to delivery, and everything in between.

With MInic Logistics, finding and quoting truckload capacity is easy. From start to finish, our experienced truckload specialists will coordinate your shipment every step of the way. For over 10 years, our staff has been coordinating daily with hundreds of shippers and thousands of national, regional and specialized freight carriers to secure capacity, find the best rates, create bills of lading, schedule pickups, track loads, and everything else that comes with shipping full (FTL) and partial truckloads within and across North America. Whether you need standard or expedited delivery service our team has you covered.

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Minic Logistics LLC


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